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Together with our partners we contribute to the protection of our planet through support for selected social and ecological initiatives and projects.


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Collect hair for water protection

We support the wonderful initiative of 'HAIR HELP THE OCEANS' by collecting hair together with our partner hairdressers and using it against water pollution. Due to the special property of absorbing a lot of fat, our hair is perfectly suited to absorb raw oil or sun oil from the sea and prevent the oil from spreading further.

Together with the partner "Coiffeur Justes" from southern France, "Hair help the Oceans" found a way to do something good with the cut off hair and they discovered the "hair filter". Hair is stuffed into old nylon stockings, tied into bundles, and then used as filters in polluted waters. The absorbent function of the hair filter extracts oil from the water, is subsequently cleaned, and can be reused up to eight times. One kilogram of hair can filter up to eight kilograms of oil from the water. 

Hairdressers and their customers can help clean seas, lakes and rivers with their hair cut off. Simple - but with great effect.

Tell your hairdresser about this great initiative. Are you a hairdresser yourself? Then learn more abot your possibilities to be part of this project here: HAIR HELP the Oceans (

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International climate protection additionally combined with local commitment

The CO2 offset for the produced Lu&me products is fully carried out through one of the following climate protection projects, each certified to international standards. For every ton of CO2 offset there, a funding amount goes to the Nature Park Karwendel to co-finance the deployment weeks for the preservation of local ecosystems. Spanning over 97,000 hectares, the project ( protects the forest in Pará at the Brazilian Amazon estuary and prevents commercial deforestation. It creates alternative sources of income for local families, such as trading the Açaí fruit. The largest Colombian REDD+ project protects 1,150,200 hectares of rainforest and preserves its biodiversity ( It provides education, healthcare, sanitation facilities, food security, and other social services for 16,000 indigenous people.
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Sustainable energy production & Plastic Bank Initiative.

Through the production of Lu&me products, our partner producer fully offsets the CO2 emissions through one of the following three climate protection projects, each certified to international standards. For every ton of CO2 offset there, 10 kg of plastic are collected as part of the "Plastic Bank" initiative.

  • Solar energy for sustainable power generation ( in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkhand, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh.

  • A wind farm on the Philippine island of Luzon ( ensures an increasingly independent supply of clean electricity to the population.

  • On the Caribbean island of Aruba, a wind farm provides a sustainable alternative to electricity from fossil fuels (

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Youth/children & nature - growing together

We support projects where children and young people are at the foreground in connection with the environment/nature.

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