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With the Lu&me brand,

we aim to make our sustainable contribution to the future of our planet.

Therefor we use our decades of expertise and experience in hair cosmetics. 

Our little daughter Lu was, among other things, the reason for our motivation to develop an honest, transparent, ecological, and healthy professional hair cosmetic brand.


"It's about finding the right balance in life. It's about harmony. It's about being content, and that contentment is defined by so much more than the joy of material possessions."
Gerhard Macher, Nadine Hak & Lu



The corona pandemic has made a difference.
Not only to us
. To many people.


Values that had previously been overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of daily life have resurfaced. Values such as children, family, nature, friendships, and mutual support. During the pandemic, we reflected on where we come from and what we truly want to achieve in life. What matters and what we can do without. We focused on the essentials and questioned many things.
In the process, we realized the significance of the concept of regionalism. In Austria, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to produce professional-grade products in organic quality.
And so, Lu&me was born.


With over 30 years of experience in the professional hair cosmetics industry, it is our declared goal to break new ground.

With Lu&me, we aim to fully align with the changed mindset of so many consumers. What's more, it's about proving that professional hair care and sustainability are not contradictory but can complement each other perfectly.


Lu&me doesn't want to be just another new natural hair cosmetic brand. it represents a way of life.

We provide our customers with the good feeling of having made a small contribution to a more sustainable approach to our planet, without having to compromise on quality."

,,Lu&me is more than just a hair care brand. It's lifestyle" 

Made for you
Mountain spring water
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Gentle on skin and environment
Save the planet

Lu&me is produced in Austria.

Everything we need is right at our doorstep. With our regional resources, knowledge, and expertise, we can create natural hair care products at the highest scientific level and performance standards.

In addition to Tyrolean mountain spring water, we use only tested and certified ingredients such as organic hemp oil, almond proteins, organic aloe vera, organic grape extract, etc. Lu&me products are produced in a climate-neutral manner, meaning that throughout the production chain and during transportation, we pay attention to CO2 neutrality.

Lu&me is entirely regional.

Our professional hair care brand Lu&me was exclusively developed in Austria and is sustainably and resource-efficiently produced in the beautiful region of Tyrol. Lu&me represents 'Natural Austrian Beauty' at the highest level and stands for an economic cycle in Austria that secures or creates jobs."

Professional hair care with effective natural ingredients.

Aloe vera, chamomile, or rosemary, as well as other effective natural ingredients like apricot, acacia sap, or almond proteins, ensure the highest efficacy. The use of purely natural ingredients brings along a whole host of additional advantages besides excellent skin tolerance. All Lu&me products are 100% vegan, free from animal testing, and free from microplastics, parabens and silicones.

Lu&me is setting new standards for social and ecological responsibility.

Supporting initiatives with children and young people to strengthen awareness and sensitivity to nature and the environment is of special concern to us. Learn more about our social and environmental projects

A glimp behind the scenes of Lu&me 

About Lu&me
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