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My Haircare Routine

Servus 💜 For those who don't know me yet, my name is Nadine Hak, and I am the founder of Lu&me.

For over 20 years, I have been professionally involved in all kinds of hair care and hair cosmetics, especially professional hair care. This has given me a deep insight into the world of formulations and ingredients, and I have gained a broad spectrum of expertise.

But do the products really contain what is conveyed in marketing communication? Especially the topic of ingredients is somewhat complex due to chemical nomenclature, where one needs some knowledge. Companies suggest only good things for the skin, hair, and the environment with their sophisticated and influential advertising messages – often only seemingly.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to test a wide range of hair care products. The products also included synthetic ingredients such as sulfates or silicones, or the now alternatively used Polyquaternium, and hormonally active ingredients like parabens, etc.

Me & my hair

Perhaps a few words about my hair structure and scalp.

My hair is rather fine, especially in the front area and the upper crown. The hair is heavily highlighted blonde, making it quite dry and stressed.

The scalp tends to be sensitive and tends to react with dryness and itching.

Moreover, I had, emphasis on HAD, recurring issues with hair loss, especially in the fall and spring, persisting for at least 3 months at a stretch. That is, for about 6 months a year, I was busy removing many hairs from the shower drain and brush, which was quite disheartening.

Then I decided to change my hair care routine, i.e., away from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, towards natural cosmetics with purely natural ingredients. And behold – after about 1 month, my scalp calmed down, and hair loss became less and less.

Now I am free from these problems. My scalp is comfortable, neither dry nor itchy, nor does it get oily, even if I haven't washed my hair for a bit longer.

This realization was very significant and confirmed once again that nature works and, even more, IT DOES GOOD!

Let us turn to nature, the origin of our existence; we realize that it is essential for us – in all aspects of life.

Discover my haircare routine

Step 1:

I alternately use Lu&me Volume Shampoo and Lu&me Hyaluron Shampoo for my rather fine and highlighted hair. The Volume Shampoo provides a firm and fuller hair structure, which I like. However, due to the highlights, it tends to be very dry, so I also use the Hyaluron Moisturizing Shampoo to give the hair an extra dose of moisture through hyaluronic acid, and almond proteins nourish the hair.

After a fresh salon visit, particularly when I've just highlighted my hair, I also use Lu&me Repair Shampoo, for a while, as it provides even more intensive care for stressed hair.

I consider shampooing twice essential to rinse out residues in the hair and on the scalp during the first wash and to better incorporate the active ingredients during the second shampoo.

Step 2:

Once a week, I use Lu&me Nourishing Hair Mask as it intensively nourishes the hair from the inside and strengthens the hair fibers. Since I have fine hair, it's important to me that the treatment doesn't weigh it down. As long as you don't overdo it with the amount (about a walnut-sized amount is enough for medium-length hair), the hair remains compact and pleasantly textured.

Step 3:

Conditioner as the finishing treatment is a must, as it closes the cuticle layer. Depending on the situation, I alternately use Lu&me Daily Hair Conditioner leave-in (whenever I've used Nourishing Hair Mask once a week) or Lu&me Nourishing Hair Conditioner rinse-out, when I'm not using a mask. Brush the hair gently from the ends, starting with a high-quality brush.

Step 4:

Before blow-drying, I use the natural Lu&me Heat Protect Spray. This protects the hair from heat and provides additional care.

Step 5:

Finally, a pump of Lu&me Hyaluron Serum or Hair Nectar. I rub the oil between my hands and on the back of my hand to facilitate its distribution in the hair ends and lengths.

Extra Tip:

Once the hair is dry (I prefer the medium temperature setting, not too hot), I switch the hairdryer to the cold setting to cool the heated hair. This helps close the cuticle layer after the heat and gives an additional shine to the hair.

And that's my hair care routine! My hair feels cared for, strengthened, and smooth, and my scalp is pleasantly clean, refreshed, and well-moisturized. 💜

The best comes last...🎁

I have a little gift for you... with the code Nadine5, you get a €5 voucher for the purchase of my (and hopefully soon your) favorites... :) Let me know in the comments how the products are working for you; I look forward to hearing from you.

See you soon,

Your Nadine


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