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VEGANUARY for a new, healthier beauty routine

The beauty world has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, especially when it comes to sustainable and vegan cosmetics. More and more people are choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle, extending this choice to their skincare and haircare.

The New Year is the perfect time for fresh resolutions and positive changes. In recent years, Veganuary has evolved into a global movement where people worldwide abstain from animal products for a month. This ethical approach not only impacts our diet but also extends to other aspects of life, including our beauty routine

Veganuary:  More Than Just a Dietary Change

Veganuary, a combination of "vegan" and "January," encourages people to abstain from animal products for a month. This trend is much more than just a dietary change; it represents an ethical decision that considers our impact on the environment and the well-being of animals. Companies like Lu&me, specializing in sustainable and vegan products, play a crucial role in supporting this lifestyle.

Lu&me:  Natural Beauty for a Sustainable Life

Lu&me not only specializes in vegan products but also emphasizes natural ingredients. From skincare to haircare, Lu&me offers a wide range of products that are free from animal components and harmful chemicals. The use of natural ingredients not only contributes to environmental preservation but also provides numerous benefits for the health of the skin and hair..

Natural Hair Care: Beauty Inspired by Nature

During Veganuary and beyond, it's essential to not only focus on your diet but also reconsider your beauty routine. Lu&me offers a range of natural hair care products that are not only vegan but also free from harmful additives. Here are some tips on how to naturally care for your hair:

  • Vegan Shampoos and Conditioners: Lu&me provides vegan shampoos and conditioners based on plant-derived ingredients. These products cleanse and nourish the hair gently, without using animal products or harmful chemicals.

  • Sustainable Production. Madie in Austria : Lu&me is committed not only to vegan and natural ingredients but also to sustainable production. Our products are produced in Austria in a climate-neutral manner, meaning that throughout the production chain and during transportation, we pay attention to CO2 neutrality.

  • Hair Oils and Masks: Natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, and sunflower oil are perfect natural care products for hair. Lu&me also offers vegan hair oils and masks that moisturize and strengthen hair without relying on animal ingredients.

  • Cruelty-Free: Lu&me takes pride in offering cruelty-free products. By choosing vegan and cruelty-free hair care products, you support companies that promote ethical practices.

Veganuary is a great opportunity to not only rethink your diet but also make your beauty routine more sustainable. Lu&me offers a wide range of vegan and natural products that are not only good for the environment but also for your health and beauty. Take advantage of this month to explore a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to making the world a better place—for us and for future generations.

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